This site began in 2001 as a simple one page site and gradually expanded since then. SA members from various countries have supplied contributions and editing assistance.

In 2009 the site moved to the current domain name of samerecovery.com.  Additional pages were added on SA history. The SA founder, Roy K, gave permission to quote from his copyright material. In the final months of his life Roy provided editing assistance and suggestions.

Some SA Members can isolated from the greater SA experience of same-sex lust recovery. This site is designed to be a meeting in print, to “carry the message” of same-sex lust recovery in SA.

The contents of this site are strictly the experience, strength, and hope of SA members. Opinions expressed are not to be attributed to SA as a whole, nor does publication of any article imply endorsement by SA. The principles of SA are found in our Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.