Same-sex Lust Recovery in Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)

SA members share their experience, strength and hope

SA Phone Meetings : Men with same-sex attraction

Sunday 9pm

US Eastern Standard Time (New York)

Monday 8pm

US Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles)

Wednesday 9pm

US Eastern Standard Time (New York)

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Calling in: joining the conference call +  1 (712) 832-8310  Access Code 5714272

Automated instructions

“Welcome to FreeConference. Please input your access code, followed by the # key.”

Enter access code  5714272#

“You dialed _, if this is correct, press 1. If you want to enter a different access code, press 2”.

“At the tone, please record your name for announcement to the call organizer and then press the # key to enter your conference. You will now enter the conference.”

If you hear music on the line or the line is silent when you call, you may need to wait a few minutes until others join.

To hear the # of parties in the conference press *#.

For more information, visit

 During the conference call

  • Mute your call when not speaking
    • Press *6 to Mute or Un-mute: this is a feature of You will hear an acknowledgement.
    • use the mute feature on your phone
  • It may be helpful to have pen and paper ready to keep track of the order of callers. When done sharing, pass to the next member in order: “I’ll pass to  ______”


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